Monday, November 21, 2005

Take your man to see Brokeback Mountain!

Your husband, boyfriend or date needs to see Brokeback Mountain. You must insist that he see this movie. Beg. Plead. Withhold sex. Do whatever you need to do. Watching two cowboys get it on will do him good.

If he resists, drop this line on him: “I’d wonder about the sexuality of a man who isn’t secure enough to watch a gay-themed movie.” In a world where straight men have evolved to be cool with pedicures, moisturizer and plucking their eyebrows, they can certainly get over their issues with a little same sex nookie on the big screen.

Yeah, sure, he laughs at Will & Grace, but his queasiness with male affection is why Will has had about as much on-screen romance as Jessica Fletcher. We’ll never have a truly open society until straight men get over their visceral reactions to seeing two men kissing.

Most people, especially men, are still way too hung up over man-on-man action. Heath Ledger, who plays the role of Ennis, knows why some men are uncomfortable with the movie. “I suspect it’s a fear that they are going to enjoy it,” he told Newsweek. “They don’t understand that you are not going to become sexually attracted to men by recognizing the beauty of a love story between two men.” Ladies, give your man permission to shed his macho veneer for two hours. And bring enough tissue for both of you.

The buzz is that this is a universal story of love that anyone can appreciate. You don’t have to be gay to relate to a gay love story any more than you have to be straight to cry at the end of Titanic. I didn’t watch As Good As It Gets just to see Greg Kinnear play the prototypical gay neighbor. I’m gay, but I could relate when Harry met Sally. Jerry Maguire had me at hello too.

In Details magazine, Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays Jack, observes that the movie would have made just as much sense if his character had been a woman. Yes, but I’ve seen that movie—about a thousand times. It’s our turn.

I’m so excited about this movie, I can hardly see straight. Yes, I want to see some hot, steamy love scenes, but even more than that, I want to see your boyfriend cry.


girlzoot said...

I loved the movie, I wanted to see it again right away after getting to see it the first time.

The imagery, the love, the pain, the actors, everything was great.

The love scenes are hot, although the hottest thing (in my opinion) was a kissing scene. I would dearly love for lots and lots of couples to see the film, if for no other reason than it was an amazing film.

Amy Stewart said...

Yeah, you watch my boyfriend cry. I'll be watching the Jake Gyllenhaal boy-on-boy action. Whatever my man Jake wants to do, I'm into it. Saddle up!

Tracy Broadway said...

I love your musings Marty! Hopefully you'll appreciate my straight talk...

Watch my husband cry? You'll be waiting quite a while...I've only seen it twice in 15 years! He doesn't watch 'regular' love stories, why should Brokeback be any different?

Admittedly, Rock isn't the only one who needs to 'get over their visceral reactions to seeing two men kissing.'

I'm not used to it either. Which, of course, is because it's not a common site in my world. The only time I see gay sex is in porn. Therefore, the association and little jolt when seeing it in public. My bad? I don't think so.

It's a common occurance to see same sex couples on HGTV shows, so that no longer fazes me, but love scenes? Can't recall one.

I'm not sure this has come across, but I'm really excited about the movie too and am definitely interested in seeing it. Forget Jake (I can't stop seeing him in the bubble! Yes, I saw it), Heath is HOT HOT HOT! However, I'll have to go with Shirley or get a LadySitter, Rock WILL NOT be watching it. Not until I get it on DVD and trick him into thinking it's a western... Oh yeah!

Shirley said...

Sounds like a great movie and I am such a romantic it doesn't matter to me who's in love! Yes, I will be going with Tracy only because I haven't been successful in finding a man who accepts people for themselves and doesn't freak at the thought of two men together whether having dinner or sex. When I subcribed to Showtime and watched Queer as Folk the love scenes were not shocking to me. In fact, I found them very sexy! Uh, Oh!!! Look out Lorenzo! And in my culture, (Sorry Tracy), men embrace, hug and kiss!! No big deal! Anyway, I look forward to seeing the movie and the hot Keith Ledger!

Tracy said...

YOUR CULTURE? Yes, I can hardly pass through south county without seeing several cowboy couples in passionate embrases. Oh no, you mean your ancestor's culture. Well then, let's take Ciero to see Brokeback, since it's so accepted and all. NOT!

Don't get me started!

Marty Grimes said...

OK Tracy,

You'll have to share with me how it is you've stumbled across gay porn.

I think there will be a day when you'll be as comfortable with gay affection as I am with straight affection. You're right on--it's a function of familiarity. I firmly believe there's nothing inherently more icky about two men together.

Even though I was gay, I remember years ago feeling quite uneasy about seeing physical affection between two men--precisely because it was so foreign to me.