Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas from Etna Mountain


Clark said...

Marty -

Oh my God. You are simply too clever.

On Christmas Eve day, when faced with the opportunity to go to a movie, I decided to go see "King Kong" rather than "Brokeback Mountain".

However, if the film had been starring Marty Grimes and Robert Austria, I definitely would have chosen to watch two cowboys in love than watch a gorilla destroy Broadway.

Clearly, you are finding time to amuse yourself while celebrating the holiday with your family. Have a great Christmas!

evan low said...

too funny! i love it! go team go!

Marty Grimes said...


King Kong is on my list too, but I'm not sure my bladder can handle it. I read that there are ample moments, however, that are suitable for a dash to the sandbox:

Anonymous said...

Your guyz' pic made me fall off my office chair. Hillarious! Thanks for the morning wake-up chuckle - healthier than my usual cup of Joe. :) Happy Holidays Lornz